We offset the shipments of all our deliveries to counteract the environmental impact of shipping, which means we calculate how much carbon we’ve emitted per shipment, and then pay to capture or prevent emissions for that amount of CO2. 

Amazon Rainforest

Our contributions are currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest, which preserves 50,480 hectares of primarily virgin Amazon forest. The project aims to promote forest conservation and reduce potential greenhouse gas emissions, while also promoting the importance of local economic development.

The Jarí Para Forest Project provides habitat to at least 2070 species of animal (133 of which are endangered), and at least 340 species of plants (54 of which are endangered). It also provides benefits to the families living in the area, whose livelihoods depend on the forest.

You can read more about how we Offset carbon with Shopify here.